History of Metal

So, I've been playing around with some data that I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while. As an avid metal enthusiast, I've always wondered which styles of metal were actually more popular, which countries were the most metal, etc... To answer these burning questions, I wrote... [Read More]
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New Tools for Shape Analysis?

So, recently I've been interested in looking for new methods to help me analyze my data. Since I got to Georgia Tech almost a year ago, I've been surrounded by all sorts of interesting new models and algorithms. The most interesting buzz-word (get it... because GT?) has been machine learning.... [Read More]
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Worm Meeting Topics

As the annual C. elegans meeting rapidly approaches, I’ve been starting to think more about what it means to be a “worm person.” A shift in model organism always comes with a shift in the sorts of questions people ask with said organisms. I’ve heard a lot about how different... [Read More]
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Worm Club Talk Today

Today is the day I give my first talk based on the research I’m doing in the Paaby Lab! I’ll be presenting a talk called “The Shape of Things to Come: Developmental System Drift in Caenorhabditis Nematode Embryos” at Emory University. Worm clubs are apparently a thing that worm people... [Read More]
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New Content Added

As you can see, I’ve made some significant contributions to the website. Just about everything is new and shiny… including the new R-shiny app I wrote for the Current Research section. This all feels like a bit of a house of cards, so I’m hoping it all works. Enjoy!
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