I'm a father, scientist, nerd, teacher, metalhead, gamer, etc...

Right now I'm a postdoc in Annalise Paaby's lab at Georgia Tech where I am studying Developmental System Drift in nematodes within the Caenorhabditis genus. Ultimately, my goal is to understand how two species can achieve the same (conserved) phenotype even though their developmental mechanisms vary wildly. (See Current Research tab for more info)

I mostly write/code in R (including R-Shiny) and BASH, and I've recently taken to playing around with Arduinos (which use C++). I've also been known to dabble in other languages like python and/or html, when necessary or interesting. I used to use just about every flavor of linux (except redhat distros... gross), but ultimately settled down on an apple machine... I've gotta have that sweet unix(-like OS) under the hood.

I have a dual Ph.D. in Integrative Biology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Behavior (EEBB) from Michigan State University, where I was lucky (cursed?) enough to be a part of two labs: Alex Shingleton and Ian Dworkin. There I worked on uncovering the developmental and molecular-genetic mechanisms of sexual size and shape dimorphism in Drosophila melanogaster. Before all this, I also got my B.A. in Biological Anthropology from University of Pittsburgh.

Got code? Steal mine at Github

I also like to spend time with my family, read, play games (both video and board), see live shows (mostly metal), and recently I've been more politically active. See what I'm listening to, here!